PELTOR & BELL Race car driver comms system

PELTOR and BELL helmet compatible system

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PTT buttons

PTT buttons



PMD Race Products provide a professional package race car communication systems for Tarmac, Off road, Power boat, Motorbike communications and more. 

This PELTOR and Bell headset/helmet communcations system is compatible with Peltor standard commonly used in Tarmac racing.

The system isDesigned especially for high noise situations our race car packages include everything needed to get your message across around the race track.

So why are our systems so different ?  


  • PMD Race products communication systems feature the industry's first active interface unit (the black box).  This "black box" interface provides total controlled mic gain for unsurpassed audio quality to your on-board race radio.  Our active interface also incorporates a 2nd AUX input so driver can connect a 2nd radio or scanner and monitor race control communications.
  • The PMD Race Products helmet headsets are made from Kevlar reinforced copper cabling which provides high strength, durability and also assists in the rejection of electric interference from inside your race car.  
  • Our Professional PTT (press to talk) buttons are available in a thru-hole mount or velcro strap for the steering wheel , grab bars or handlebars.The Pro quality  PTT button has a life expectancy of 1,000,000 uses and also features a waterproof PTT cover.
  • A 3db Ground independent antenna system and coax lead is also included with our Pro driver comms systems so you can mount your antenna directly on steel, aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber.
  • Military spec race radio supplied with our packs are designed for use in racing conditions.  Vibration, dust and moisture is no problem for our race-radios.  Come pre-programmed with 80 free to use frequencies or we can pre-program them for your own private racing channel (* conditions apply)
  • Nexus military type plugs are used for our headset connection ensuring reliable connection and simplicty of connection.  Very easy to connect even with race gloves on.
  • Australian backup and Support from people who race, design and build these communication systems

​Please choose your preferance of Thru hole panel mount PTT button or Velcro wrap around type




Please note following 

Some of the problems associated with grey import products include:

  • No genuine manufacturer warranty –Although vendors make claims about warranty cover, Icom (Australia) does not support grey imported products. Often these products will be sent overseas to be repaired, taking weeks, or even months to return to the user. A genuine Icom (Australia) warranty is usually 2 or 5 years in length. Note: Icom (Australia) records all serial numbers and confirms the serial of every unit sent in for warranty repair. 
  • No ACMA approval – Unapproved radios cannot legally be used in Australia. The ACMA has the power to prosecute those who breach the laws associated with Australian radio communications. Prosecution can include harsh fines and imprisonment.
  • Wrong specifications and programming – Icom equipment offered overseas usually differs from Australian versions, and may not be pre-programmed to Australian channels. This can severely affect the performance of the radio, and may also impact on the safety of the user.
  • Missing/Inactive features – Missing features may drastically reduce the performance of the unit, and impact on the safety of the user. Other features may need activating by a skilled technician before use, costing the user valuable time and money.
  • Unapproved Power Supplies – Power supplies without the correct approval cannot be used legally, and may be an electrical safety and fire risk. Many power supplies also have the wrong voltage and connections.
  • Incorrect/Missing Accessories – Incorrect or third party accessories may be included, and in some instances, accessories may be missing altogether. Third party battery packs can also be a serious safety concern.
  • No Warranty Product Support – Icom (Australia) cannot support grey import products with after sale product support, programming, modifications, spare parts, etc.
  • Possible Forged Product – It has been confirmed that fake Icom products are available. Fake Icom products are generally not made in Japan, and as such, the quality is considerably lower. 
  • Wrong Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN) – Many new Icom products now include electronic serial numbers. Grey Import products will not have the correct ESNs, and cannot be supported in Australia.
  • No Re-sale Value – Smart buyers will have no interest in grey imports. 
  • Customs Confiscation – Customs authorities can confiscate unapproved transmitting devices under certain circumstances. 
  • No Product Support – Icom Australia strongly recommends that you contact your original supplier for further assistance if the original serial number has been removed or changed.


Brand PMD Race Products
Shipping Weight 2.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.260m
Shipping Height 0.125m
Shipping Length 0.400m
Shipping Cubic 0.013000000m3

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