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Headset leads with package

Headset leads with package



All the latest technology available is built into the NEW PMD Race Products ENDURO PRO intercom.
Superior noise cancelling technology and high powered 7 watt audio circuitry provides powerful clear communications from the NEW ENDURO PRO intercom.

Our Enduro Pro intercom has been designed for competitors wanting a reliable, clear intercom system with all the features needed for in-car communications. 
The Enduro Pro intercom interfaces easily to in-car radio radios (hand held or in-car units) and our transformer coupled circuitry with adjustable gain control ensures the communications via the race radio is high quality and at the correct audio levels. 
The Enduro Pro also has a transformer coupled output port for feeding driver/co-driver audio directly to your on-board video system, something not found on many other opposition intercom systems.

The NEW PMD Race Products Enduro Pro package also include M101 dynamic noise cancelling helmet headsets which are simple to fit to either open or full face helmets. Our helmet headsets also are fitted with a high quality 3.5mm connection socket for use with optional earbuds, such as our PMD DIY moulded earbuds.

One thing to point out is that some imported headsets do not secure the earbud plug well and do have a tendencay to fall out. We have sourced the best possible (3.5mm METRIC) sockets to make sure our earbud sockets are compatible with all aftermarket earbudes that use a 3.5mm or 1/8" mono plug.

The PMD ENDURO PRO is also compatible with any combination of microphone (electret, dynamic amplified, non-amplified or even throat microphones) giving you flexibility for whatever your in-car intercom requirements are.

The Enduro Pro is also available with Stilo and Peltor compatiable leads so pre-wire Stilo & Peltor helmets can plug directly into the Enduro Pro to provide you far superior performance over your existing Stilo or Peltor intercom amplifier for high noise and extreme racing conditions.

The Enduro Pro has a special audio filtering circuit on board to allow us to implement "side tone" without squealing audio back into your ears.   The use of side tone helps prevent the driver or navigator from yelling to each other and into the microphone which causes unintelligible audio as both driver and navigator can clearly hear their own voice through their own helmet speakers or earbuds.  As a result you speak clearer to each other without yelling and it results in better communication between driver and navigator and also thru to your on-board race radio and onboard video recording system.

The features keep on coming with the NEW PMD Race Products Enduro Pro, we have also included a front panel "radio transmit indicator LED" so when your race radio is in transmit mode the Enduro Pro front panel power LED indicator with illuminate RED instead of the usual BLUE power indicator so you can instantly tell whether you are transmitting via your onboard radio or have a radio stuck in transmit mode.

We also have built our Enduro Pro into a rugged off road aluminum enclosure and used elastomer gaskets and O ring seals to help seal out
 water and grime from getting inside.
Contruction of our Enduro pro is now done using state of the art techniques using the latest surface mounted electronic components, making it the most vibration proof intercom ever.

On the rear panel of the Enduro Pro are high grade mini TAS XLR plugs to connect the intercom to your headsets, radio interface wiring, driver and navigator press to talk (PTT) buttons and to your on-board video system.  Not only do these rear connectors provide a much neater installation in your vehicle it also makes servicing and customizing your leads a lot simpler rather than having a mass of short fly leads coming out the rear of the case.  The rear panel is also clearly marked making installation and connection a simple matter of plug and play.

Did we mention that the Enduro Pro is also dash mountable ? this makes for a very neat installation by simply slotting into or under your race car dash or overhead console and can sit neatly along side your onboard race radio.

With our extensive experience in design and manufacturing of race communcation system over the past 20+ years we are proud to include all the features and design tricks we've discovered along the way with our latest Enduro pro intercom system.   Even our cables and headsets have been redesigned and are made from kelvar reinforced copper cabling which provides superior strength and shielding from outside interference.   We us Nexus 4 pole plugs for connecting your headset to the headset cables which are renown in military enviroments for their long lasting reliable and simple use.

Our  Enduro Pro provides communications for high noise environments such as off road racing, rally & power boat racing.


Brand PMD Race Products
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.240m
Shipping Length 0.230m
Shipping Cubic 0.008280000m3

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