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PMD Race Products are proud to present their latest designed helmet fresh air system, developed and manufactured in-house in Mt Gambier South Australia

This new helmet blower system provides

  • higher air flow to EACH helmet - more than 40% increase !
  • a unique manifold air distribution system evenly distributing air to both outlets at all times
  • less noise both inside the helmet and externally
  • increased static pressure > meaning the ability for air flow to push through/against resistance <
  • 12v connection by deutsch connectors
  • digital control over the speed of the systems air flow and no stall with 'optional' speed controller

Our newly designed dual helmet blower features a powerful centrifical fan which provides many advantages over the usual 'axial' fan used in many helmet blower designs.  Centrifical fans are known for producing a very large amount of air flow with an increased static pressure, hence why this same fan design is used in commercial air conditioning of factories and large buildings right through to the blow drying of your car in an automated car wash.  Providing greater 'static pressure' which in laymans terms means the fan has the abilty to move air against greater resistance, such as helmet hoses, ducted vents in race helmets.  When a large amount of air is needed efficiantly, then the centrifical design is the go-to solution.

So using this preferred air source, we set upon the task of prototyping and improving air delivery to dual outlets.  Our R&D resulted in us designing an internal manifold system that divides the air flow 'equally' from the fans output and sends it out via the two helmet hose connections.   This unique manifold design is uneffected even when one of the helmets or hoses is completely removed from the system !  This also solves all the usual issues of feeding air to two helmets, where air flow will usually find the easiest path to escape and leaves the other outlet with little or no flow. This problem also means that air flow is effected with things like the brand or type of air flow helmet used, whether the helmet has a helmet skirt or if a helmet visor is partially open.  These things mentioned affect other helmet blower designs, robbing air from one output and allowing it to escape down the path of least resistance however our new system design has solved this problem through our many trial and error tests with the manifold.

Also speed control can be controlled via Digital PWM means is also another benifit and with our 'optional' speed controller you can dial up your designed air flow for the race conditions.   With our digital method of speed control that means we dont decrease or increase the voltage to change speeds, yes changing voltages to the fan will change the speed but also rob the torque from the motor, which is why many systems that arent set to 100% speed will fail to work/spin from power up (stall).    The digital speed control maintains the 12v required for the fan to always operate so even if you dial the system down say to 20% speed, the fan will start each and every time power is applied and no stalling.   Being able to control the speed of the system is a benifit as race conditions change from race to race, where you may be tackling a dusty desert race or a tighter and windy short course, simply dial the speed up or down to suit your conditions.

The new housing for our helmet blower system is also made inhouse with our high quality 3d printing machines using Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA).                      ASA offers extraordinary UV, oxidation, and aging resistance and therefore providing effective protection against breakage and color and strength degradation when used outdoors for long-term purposes which is why we choose to use the best product for the testing racing conditions.

Mounting brackets are included with the system to provide you many simple ways of fitting to your race vechiles. We also have our new REMOTE FILTER system when added will allow you to position the blower system anywhere practical for the driver and co-driver whilst feeding air from a remote location with the 'optional' remote filter system.

Finally our our blower systems comes with two of our new PMD 4ft helmet hoses which are the strongest yet super slinky/flexible hoses we've seen.







Brand PMD Race Products
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.420m
Shipping Cubic 0.021000000m3

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